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Our Founder

Sean Alexander, Ph.D.
​Profit & Growth Expert| Business Advisor

Sean Alexander Ph.D. ,is first and foremost a financial expert and professional speaker specializing in the growth and profitability success of companies of varying sizes. As a Sr. Financial Consultant and Strategic Advisor, Sean has consulted with many of the top companies of the world, and he himself owns five thriving companies

Through the provision of  timely and pertinent information to many of the world’s largest organizations including: Palm Beach State College, EFG Capital, Promed Healthcare Services, US Army, The Associates, IBM, Barnett Bank, Burger King Corporation, Southeast Toyota, Wachovia Bank, Puerto Rico Telephone Company, Outreach International Ministries, and American Express.

As a business and financial expert Dr. Sean spends a minimum of 2 days a week, 20 weeks a year in the field aiding and studying businesses and their success levels and what works and what does not so he can continuously share these things with his clients in order to provide real-life examples in his advisory services.

Dr. Sean believes it is critical to fully assess his clients’ current corporate strengths and situation, and identify their existing challenge areas in order to assist them in moving into a solution based direction quickly in order to enable their business to successfully grow financially with focus being placed on successful increased profitability which positively affects bottom line results.

Through his experience-based perspective and utilization of this philosophy in all of his client relationships he believes it is vital to treat his clients with dignity and respect in every aspect of the client relationship.

Dr. Sean lives on the premise that “all things are possible with the right attitude, tools, skills, and training combined with building strong strategic relationships with those you come in contact with…” He believes “nothing can stop an organization that keeps focused on positive customer relationships and employee experiences.”

This financial professional clearly places the responsibility of performance on his client’s shoulders, demanding they look at themselves and their performance objectively. This method clearly gets positive results from his client’ businesses and their individual life.

Dr. Sean graduated Cum Laude in obtaining his Master’s degree (MDiv) from Northbridge University, a Ph.D. in Physiology, and an additional Master’s Degree in Psychology. He is a distinguished Board Supervisor of the National Christian Counselors Association and National Board of Christian Clinical Therapist, and his post-graduate work has included additional research and study in the fields of Accounting & Finance, business performance, and action-based marketing within business.

Through his wealth of successes and experiences to draw upon Dr. Sean has five successful businesses; 10 years teaching MBAs/undergraduates, and 20+ years as an Executive & CEO coach. He will be your partner on an ongoing basis as you develop new skills and insights to * build a vision for your business *develop and align your management team * strengthen business development * find the best resources* and solve and overcome key challenges facing your business or practice. Learn to “think outside the box” and reach new levels of success.

Dr. Sean enjoys spending his free time with his friends and enjoying the oceans and rivers of the world.