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Our Approach

Our Approach

ZFinancial Consulting is flexible in our approach to financial and business education and consulting.

Because every client is different, we recognize the importance of being pragmatic and able to adapt to each situation. We always work with our clients up front to get clarity on their business goals and then on an ongoing basis we then define the scope of the engagement in order to achieve those business and financial goals through education and consultation which is then modified as needed so goals and objectives are met.

It is our goal to bring order to difficult situations and we work hard to establish financial stability and profitability in troubled companies through the education and consulting services we provide. We conserve cash and other assets, tighten financial controls to assure timely reporting, and correct operating deficiencies combined with implementing the financial tools needed to ensure the success of our client.

In each engagement, we use a data-driven approach to quickly understand the core issues driving our client’s business in every area. Understanding and forecasting our client’s liquidity needs is often a critical first step. We also always review the operations and financials of the business to determine ways to maximize profit and increase shareholder value. At the same time, our experience managing sales and marketing organizations often allows us to help clients generate top-line growth.

We are prepared to advise on or lead negotiations with creditors and lenders if necessary including fixing and restoring credit where needed. We also have experience negotiating balance-sheet restructurings that give clients the room they need to turn their businesses around to a money making machine. Our knowledge of debt and equity markets is a valuable part of this educational process.